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Washed up in the eastern tides. A fragrant harbour with colonial expectations. Ninja school. Adoption. Reformation. Shuriken scars punctuate the skin. Too indiscriminate to remind, too attached to forget. Rickshaws observed but never touched. Tried every floor of a skyscraper but nothing stuck. Only the vaguest of dreams about window cleaning and bamboo scaffolding. We've all had that one. Nevermind the MRI scans. Iodine coloured the blood and the beat stuck. Remained a walking eagle. Everything else is another story.
KBK Konzert- und Künstleragentur GmbH
Maximilian Wentzler
phone: +49-30-810-753-70 
15 March 2012 Munich, Germany Muffahalle
16 March 2012 Stuttgart, Germany Zapata
17 March 2012 Dresden, Germany Alter Schlachthof
18 March 2012 Leipzig, Germany Werk II
20 March 2012 Berlin, Germany C-Club
21 March 2012 Frankfurt, Germany Gibson
22 March 2012 Hannover, Germany Capitol
23 March 2012 Nürnberg, Germany Hirsch
25 March 2012 Bielefeld, Germany Ringlokschuppen
26 March 2012 Hamburg, Germany Übel & Gefährlich
27 March 2012 Cologne, Germany E-Werk
8 Feb 2012


It's very early days for this project but I am extremely happy to announce that I will be supporting Jonathan Jeremiah on his German tour in March. The dates are as follows:
15 March  Munich, Germany Muffahalle
16 March Stuttgart, Germany Zapata
17 March  Dresden, Germany Alter Schlachthof
18 March  Leipzig, Germany Werk II
20 March  Berlin, Germany C-Club
21 March  Frankfurt, Germany Gibson
22 March  Hannover, Germany Capitol
23 March  Nürnberg, Germany Hirsch
25 March  Bielefeld, Germany Ringlokschuppen
26 March  Hamburg, Germany Übel & Gefährlich
27 March  Cologne, Germany E-Werk
Apparently some shows are already sold-out but I hope to see some familiar faces out there on the road. If you haven't heard of Jonathan check him out here classic songs, tasteful production. It's going to be a veritable baptism of fire...